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Specialty Inks
Inter-Krystal (Liquid Crystal Inks)


Inter-Krystal or Liquid Crystal Inks are thermal reactive inks that can be activated by simple body heat.  This unique application was popularized in the “mood ring” product, and is used extensively in body temperature disposable thermometers.  The Inter-Krystal Inks events are green read.  For example, when the liquid crystal is green, the temperature is the event temperature.  When it is red (tan), the temperature is 1°F below the event temperature.  When it is blue, the temperature is 1°F above the event temperature.


This product must be printed over a first-down black for best results.  The Inter-Krystal Ink may be applied to a substrate by brushing, spraying, coating, striping or silkscreen.  Adjust the viscosity to suit the application process by adding very small amounts of water and mixing well until the proper viscosity is achieved.  The ink supplied will have a viscosity suitable for silkscreen printing method.  Please allow 15 working days for delivery of this product.


Inter-Krystal Inks are available in 1-gallon and 5 gallon containers.